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Le Viol du Vampire

When the May Revolution raged through the streets of Paris in 1968, a very peculair movie became an overnight sensation. Le Viol du Vampire, a genre movie directed by an unknown filmmaker called Jean Rollin, had just been released with unexpected commercial success. Its free-spirited combination of avant-garde filmmaking, vintage American serials, pop art and erotic vampire movie proved a popular combination in Parisian cinemas. The police even invaded a cinema where the film was shown. Afterwards, a huge riot started between filmgoers and the cops! Almost forty years later, Le Viol du Vampire/Rape of the Vampire has lost none of its naive charm: it's still a crazy, compelling, and utterly original blend of styles, which bears all the trademarks that Rollin's later movies became world famous for.

Regie: Jean Rollin
Cast: Solange Pradel, Bernard Letrou, Catherine Deville
Jaar: 1967
Beeld: 16:9 Anamorph Widescreen
Ondertitels: English, Dutch, German

Extra: 2 disc digipack with l'Histoire de la Nuit des Horloges, Original trailer, Picture Gallery, Interviews and Cencored scenes, 32 page booklet with essay on Le Viol du Vampire and lots of rare photo's

Prijs: € 19,95
Artikelnummer: ROL07
EAN-Code: 2147483647

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