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Rivers and Tides / Andy Goldsworthy

RIVERS AND TIDES is a mesmerising and beautifully photographed film about Andy Goldsworthy, one of Britain’s best known sculptors, renowned worldwide for his work with entirely natural materials such as ice, stone, leaves and wood.
Shot in four countries across four seasons, the film provides a fascinating insight into Goldsworthy’s painstaking creative process and captures the elusive quality of his intricate and often ephemeral works, which are threatened and sometimes destroyed by nature and the passing of time.
Documenting the formation of a series of Goldsworthy's intricate and fragile masterpieces, Thomas Riedelsheimer's hauntingly powerful film paints a spellbinding portrait of a unique artist.
* This DVD also contains the following short films:
- 'Storm King Wall (Storm King Sculpture Park, New York, USA)'
- 'Autumn Works'
- 'Garlic Leaves'
- 'Ice Arch'
- 'Black Stone'
- 'The Old Studio'
- ‘Leaf Works’
91 min. Widescreen, DD2.0
Import UK English spoken

Prijs: € 19,95
Artikelnummer: ART314DVD
EAN-Code: 5021866314303

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