Customer service

Below you can find information about our method and conditions.
If you wish to contact us, click here.

To place an order you must take the following steps:
Click on the order button of the desired product and you will end up in the “shopping cart”.
If you want to order another product, choose the button “continue shopping”.
When you have finished shopping, choose the “order” button.
We ask you to enter your contact data, then choose the button “continue” and you will then receive your data for verification: Please check carefully! Select the “change data” button for adjustments. You will also see an overview of the products you order, if you want to check this correctly (you can change this via the “shopping cart” button). Then confirm our terms and conditions and choose your payment method (see payment section), then choose the button “continue”. You will receive a confirmation of your order by email; please mention the reference number we give you with your payment.
After receiving the correct amount we will send your order. We only do this by ordinary mail or parcel post with TNT.

You can choose payment by:
Follow the instructions that we give after this choice

Bank transfer
Please send your payment to: Rack. 5944.78.073 in the name of For our customers from Belgium the following information: IBAN number NL80ABNA0594478073 in the name of Biccode of the bank is ABNANL2A payment with shared costs, is free of charge! You will receive a confirmation of your order by email;

Use the button, our account is
When making your payment, please mention the reference number that we send you by email with our confirmation.

To send
After receiving the correct amount by means of the aforementioned payment method we will send your order. We do this by ordinary mail, parcel post with TNT or other delivery services.

Shipping costs
We calculate a fixed amount for each shipment, this includes VAT
In the Netherlands and Belgium – € 2.95
In Europe – € 15.00
Outside Europe – € 25.00

You will receive an invoice and packing slip with the package.

Delivery time
We offer titles that we have in stock and guarantee shipment within 3 working days.

If a delivery is not executed correctly, you want to notify us immediately via the contact email button. Please always mention the reference number and clearly describe the problem.
You can expect us to offer a reasonable solution.