25 Watts


In an inventive, calm and humorous way, the endless boredom of a bunch of boys in Montevideo, Uruguay, is portrayed, precisely by focusing attention on trivia and details.

Saturday morning, seven o’clock, Montevideo, Uruguay. Leche, Javi and Seba are still on. Bored they hang out in the street and drink cheap beer. Leche has just stepped into the dog shit and is convinced that it brings bad luck. He will soon have an Italian exam for which he still has to study hard. Unfortunately, he is distracted by all kinds of things: he has fallen in love with his teacher, has to adapt to his demented grandmother and his backward neighbor has lost his dog. Javi is already finished with his studies. He has a terrible job and has to drive a car with a sound system through the neighborhood. All day he has to listen to the same stupid pasta advertisement that blares through the loudspeakers. The only bright spot in his life is his girlfriend Maria, but she is about to make it out. Finally there is the silent Seba, the youngest of the couple, who in one way or another always meets the strangest figures. The talent of Rebella and Stoll is evident from the equally inventive, calm and humorous way in which the endless boredom in the boys’ lives is portrayed with little details such as Javi’s hamster or the predictable conversations with the neighbor. In addition, the film is adorned with a few pleasantly disturbed characters such as a fake hippie chatting out of his neck, a laconic video owner and a paranoid pizza delivery boy.

Playing time: 92 minutes
Sound: Spanish DD5.1
Subtitles: Dutch, English
Extras: Scene access, interview with directors, behind the scenes, photos and awards

Article number: DVD033
EAN Code: 9789058490568

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