50 jaar BS Leiden


50 years BS Leiden – Historic Disc

This data disc contains digital material collected on the occasion of the 50-year jubilee of BS Leiden. The disk contains more than 5000 files, containing:

1. Digital photos (more than 4500 recent photos, of which very much of mini-camps, but also of the 45-year jubilee, Final Fours, Honk parties and many team photos)

2. Scans. Scanned material, such as
a. All Covers of the Time Out (44 pieces)
b. Special Time Out articles (a small 100 scans)
c. Scanned photos (a few hundred mainly from camps from the 90’s)
d. Newspaper articles (about 150, of which about 120 from 2005 and later, but also some very old ones)
e. Player cards (about 80 from 1963 until the 90’s)

3. The Historical Excel file with:
a. Overview of Time Outs over the years (from 1965); how many numbers have been made that season; which cover was used then; attention to special items.
b. Year In Year Out: an overview per season of the name of the first, the coach, the board, makers of Time Out etc.
c. Kampen: overview of the camps that have been organized over the years.
d. Honorary Members and Members of Merit
e. Rooms where there was training or where matches were played.
f. And more …

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