A Thousend Pleasures


Richard Davis (played by director Michael Findlay) kills his wife (played by his ega Roberta Findlay), stops her corpse in his car and drives away. On the way he picks up two lifters, who discover the body and take Richard home. The house turns out to be a breeding ground for crazy lesbians, who want a baby! The little ones they already have at home do not meet: an adult, but insane woman with a diaper on, in a large cradle. And poor Richard must stay, to serve as a seed donor! A completely insane mix of sex and violence as we can only expect from the Findlay family (Snuff, Touch or Her Flesh)!

Director: Michael Findlay
Cast: Marie Brent, Uta Erickson, Michael Findlay
Country: USA
Year: 1966
Play time: 69 minutes
Release date: October 2008

DVD specifications
NTSC 4: 3 All regions
Sound: 2.0
Subtitles Dutch
Extras: American Grindhouse trailershow, original trailer, Roberta & Michael Findlay trailershow, Sequence from “Janie” narrated by R. Findlay, Gallery of exploitation art with audio oddities
Available in: Digipack single disc

Article number: AG010
EAN Code: 8717903480670



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