Duyen thinks she loves her two-year-younger fiancée. But what does that actually mean? The naive groom turns out to be a mother’s child and is not able to consume the marriage. Through a friend Duyen ends up in the circles around a charming man of the world, with lacquer of loyalty or morality, which awakens confusing feelings in her. The inexperienced husband now crosses the path of a teenage girl fleeing from her father.
The sultry, chaotic city of Hanoi serves as a backdrop for the exploration of an unknown world of desires and loneliness, passion and pain. The still communist Vietnam has a strict and morally conservative censorship. Touching themes such as sexual problems and lesbian tendencies is delicate and a filmmaker who focuses on that is not afraid.

ADRIFT was awarded the prize of international film criticism in Venice and was co-supported by the Hubert Bals Fund of the IFFR.

Play time: 105 minutes
Picture: 16: 9 Anamorf Fullscreen
Sound: Thai DD2
Subtitles: Dutch, English
Extras: interview with the director, Behind the scenes

Article number: IPM016
EAN Code: 8717903483657

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