Alice in Acidland


The American Grindhouse collection presents long-awaited pearls from the lower and wildest regions of American film history. Rugged sexploitation, bloody horror films and shocking documentaries that were screened in dingy backrooms (grindhouses) and drive-ins. At a time when the censorship of sex and violence became increasingly loose, the makers of these films allowed their creativity to run wild with sometimes bizarre but mostly surprising results.

No, this is not a fairy tale, this is the terrible story of a normal student, who transforms from one moment to another into a drug addict. Alice Trenton is an ordinary young lady, until she is introduced by her friend Frieda into the depraved world of dope and free sex. After a series of wild parties, Alice tries the sugarcube, LSD! At that moment, her black-and-white world turns into a perpetual psychedelic nightmare, full of wild hippies, lesbian sex and the most bizarre hallucinations. Poor Alice, lost in “Acidland” forever.

Play time: 69 minutes
Picture: 4: 3
Sound: English Dolby digital mono
Subtitles: Dutch
Packing: Digipack

Article number: AG002
EAN Code: 8717903480595



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